Mary Emerson Armour, a widow, sold Seaforth in 1921 to Bridget O'Callaghan, whose husband William had died in 1919. He had been the proprietor and owner of the International Hotel in Mill Street, Cape Town.

Bridget changed the name Seaforth to Kilcreen, presumably the place of her birth in Ireland. Bridget died in 1928, aged 78. Her immovable assets included the International Hotel and Kilcreen. Her two daughters, Catherine Cassidy and Eileen Walsh, both widows, bought Kilcreen from their mother's deceased estate.

They ran it as a Residential Hotel between 1935 and 1937. In 1939 tragedy struck and Kilcreen was gutted by a fire. They sold the property to Sophia Walker who rebuilt a new double-storey home and named it Mare Video.